Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That's a Wrap

What a year it has been! In some ways it seems like just yesterday I was figuring out how to work Blogger and start my own little chunk of web space. In other ways it seems so far behind me, as I have learned so many things big and small.
- I have learned to knit over the past twelve months and in the last twelve days have come to realize that to experience true joy in knitting I need to choose quick and easy projects made with yarn that I fall in love with, no matter how impractical it is.
- I have learned that I love to cook and view it as an expression of love. I know now that scary recipes aren't so scary after all, that even simple recipes get messed up, and that you can always heat up a frozen pizza if that happens. I learned that there is a time to bake and a time to cook. If you figure out when to do what thing you will be in kitchen bliss (especially if you have help with the clean up).
- I have learned how to build a studio out of a guest bedroom closet, start a small business, and create an etsy shop. I have learned how to set up a trunk show. I have learned the definition of trunk show.  
- I have learned that my taste in books is never-changing: Maine + Romance = Awesome. 
Thanks to Jason, I have learned that Maine is as awesome as I imagined it for all these years.
- I have learned that my amazing little girl thinks that I can make anything. I think that is so cool. More so, I think she is so cool. 
I hope that if this little corner of the web has found you, that it has inspired you to be brave, be silly, try new things, and above all never stop learning. 
And now, my friends, after a year of blogging I am choosing to step away from this space. This will be the last post of The Makings of Everyday blog so that I may continue to be a life-long learner and pursue new things, balance among them. 
Thank you for coming along for the ride! I have truly appreciated every comment and email and have loved making far-away friends whom I would never have had the chance to know otherwise. Many blessings to you all :)


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Bits and Big

I meant to show you this long ago, my little bowl of collected sea glass brought home from Maine--now proudly displayed in the living room. This picture reminds me of a lesson I teach the students in my class...
I take two equal-sized containers and fill them with the exact same number each of large bouncy balls, medium-sized bouncy balls, and small beads. The difference between the two containers is that the first one is filled with the small beads first, followed by the larger items--the lid simply will not fit on this way. For the second container, I prioritize: putting in the larger items first and then letting the tiny beads pour around and fill in the cracks. The lid fits snuggly on with nothing left out. It's a lesson in prioritizing, of determining what is the most important and making room for that first. In teaching this to my charges, I get to learn it all over again. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Blossomy Tree for Ava Grace

A.k.a. the "Big One"--a 16 x 20 inch mixed media. Yowza! I just was in the midst of finishing up a few little details this morning, which hampered my photography a little bit. So, here's your view of it in the early morning light--surrounded by the materials for making such an item. 
 I love to infuse little details into my work: this one has a little birdie on the branch and a teeny tiny butterfly flitting off to the right :). 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barefoot Sunday Yearly Review

Wednesday will mark my official blog-versary, marking one calendar year of blogging in this space. This means nearly 40 new Barefoot Contessa recipes this year, with more if you count making the favorites again and again. We just love Ina
Our family favorites?
Recipes that I was most proud of: 
What a year! So many delicious many steps and leaps forward into culinary competency. I hope that through this process of sharing both the successes and the blunders that I have inspired you to be brave and try something new in the kitchen :).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Alphabet Blocks for Ava Grace

For a soon-to-be-born beautiful baby, custom alphabet block initials that match her shabby-chic nursery :0). 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Badge for Woody

Amelia's school is having a scarecrow decorating contest as part of the annual Fall Festival. Amelia's kindergarten class has decided to decorate their scarecrow in the likes of Woody from Toy Story. Everyone signed up to make/provide a different bit of the costume. We got the badge--Awesome!
Serendipitously, Michael's craft store had a paintable wooden sheriff's star. Alas, it was a bit too dinky for a costume scarecrow. So, we grabbed it and the larger regular star to glue it onto and were off to create! We painted the sheriff's star yellow and, once it was dry, tacky-glued it onto the big star. Then with a little Sharpie love and some iridescent glitter we were set! How to affix? Quite honestly I am going to use a strip of duct tape to attach a large-size safety pin to the back. Is it bizarre that I don't own a hot glue gun?