Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Bits and Big

I meant to show you this long ago, my little bowl of collected sea glass brought home from Maine--now proudly displayed in the living room. This picture reminds me of a lesson I teach the students in my class...
I take two equal-sized containers and fill them with the exact same number each of large bouncy balls, medium-sized bouncy balls, and small beads. The difference between the two containers is that the first one is filled with the small beads first, followed by the larger items--the lid simply will not fit on this way. For the second container, I prioritize: putting in the larger items first and then letting the tiny beads pour around and fill in the cracks. The lid fits snuggly on with nothing left out. It's a lesson in prioritizing, of determining what is the most important and making room for that first. In teaching this to my charges, I get to learn it all over again.