Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift is required of me, friends! Jason sweetly presented me (the voracious reader) with a Kindle for my birthday. No pages to turn nor dog-ear, no covers to feel and admire. Hmm..It has its own perks though, ones that I am already falling in love with...book shopping at my fingertips, the ability to hold many books physically and electronically, etc. 
For fun and in celebration of this paradigm shift I have decided to make, rather than purchase, a cover for it. A knitted/fabric combo that allowed me a brief respite from working on Amelia's sweater:
PS: Sweater update tomorrow! I'm pretty excited as it actually resembles a sweater!


  1. Jeff suprised me with one for Christmas, and I never would have bought one myself but LOVE it. (the kindle trick is that you can download up to 6 books for each acct. so you can have 6 people on the same acct and all share your books.) I have my sis in law and my dad on my acct now, they just pay me when they buy a book since it all goes to the same cc. Would be great if you were a part of a book club! I was quite relived when I discovered this b/c I felt sad not being able to give my books away anymore.
    Ok this was really long...sorry.
    Jen S.

  2. I can see how it issss cool buttttttttttt I love my books and would be sooo sad to see them go which I know out of laziness would eventually happen :{.The home made cover will soften it up ;]!