Friday, September 24, 2010

Handmade Kindle Cover

Happy Friday everyone! My kindle cover is all finished. I chose to do a smooth fabric lining and a knitted outer layer for maximum protection from both scratches and smushes. I'm really loving the color combination of dusty teal combined with raspberry. I kind of winged it as I went along, but if you are interested there are tons of tutorials for "zipper bags" and such online. The trickiest part for me was correctly positioning the fabric and zipper so that everything was facing the right way (I wanted the inside of the bag to be the pretty side of the fabric since the outside wouldn't be showing). The best part was that it was barely a two-day project since I used such chunky yarn: For non-knitters: think of how much faster you could paint a room with a 4-foot paint roller :).


  1. Color combo is lovely!Good job! Zippers scare me,eckk!

  2. How You protect the display? I would like to knit a case for my kindle too, but I thinking about cover protection. I'm afraid, if I cut an old book cover and sewing between the knitwork and padding, then the knitwork will be stretch too mutch.
    Can You help me? If You can please write e-mail: because I from Hungary, and I visit English sites rarely.