Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Badge for Woody

Amelia's school is having a scarecrow decorating contest as part of the annual Fall Festival. Amelia's kindergarten class has decided to decorate their scarecrow in the likes of Woody from Toy Story. Everyone signed up to make/provide a different bit of the costume. We got the badge--Awesome!
Serendipitously, Michael's craft store had a paintable wooden sheriff's star. Alas, it was a bit too dinky for a costume scarecrow. So, we grabbed it and the larger regular star to glue it onto and were off to create! We painted the sheriff's star yellow and, once it was dry, tacky-glued it onto the big star. Then with a little Sharpie love and some iridescent glitter we were set! How to affix? Quite honestly I am going to use a strip of duct tape to attach a large-size safety pin to the back. Is it bizarre that I don't own a hot glue gun?

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