Thursday, September 2, 2010

32, 5k

My 32nd birthday is next Wednesday. As a little gift to myself I have trained for a 5k run on Labor Day. I feel like finally, after years of running off and on, I have reached the point where I understand what in the world runners talk about when they say that running makes them feel better (and not worse). Sure, my legs hurt and my face is tomato red. Jason asked me quite seriously if I was ok last night as I tried to catch my breath and gulp water simultaneously (attractive, no?). 
However, the turning point was on Sunday. I felt icky and a little fretful about no particular thing. So I ran. And then I felt better. Epiphany! 


  1. Oh hey good luck with the 5k! Thats great! I TRIED running for 6 weeks and then life got in the way :{.Keep up the good work!By the way ,all your craft projects are beautiful!Hi to all:]

  2. Congrats! I knew there was a reason I liked you (and your blog) so much! We both are virgos! My 30th is 9/9.
    Running is my favorite way to relax... haven't been able to do it lately... I found out i have no ACL and I tore my meniscus... keep your knees safe!

  3. Yea to you! I have run off and on throughout my life, and have found what you say to be true - I'm a better person when I'm running. I'm a big fan of saucony too.