Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello! I hope this post finds you well (or possibly at all, given my hiatus;). After preparing for, and presenting, both the week-long art camp and the trunk show I was feeling very droopy. Spending the week being taken care of by my family and hanging out with friends at awesome concerts was quite restorative. So I am back in the swing of things!! This week's posts will center on two completed knitting projects plus two in the works, some beautiful garden pictures from my parents' house (like the belladonna above), and the beginnings of another craft contest entry. 
As I like to say, superfun!!!

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  1. Belladonna is used as a sedative and a poison I believe(if my movie Practical Magic is correct,lol)Didnt realize it was such a pretty plant to;].Glad your back Mama!!!!;]