Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now I Get It!

I was quite a sight to see last night...sitting in bed with several knitting books, knitting ephemera, pattern printouts, and the laptop in my lap trying to discern this complicated (to me) paragraph in the sweater pattern. The good news is that once I figured out what the pattern was trying to tell me, the actual knitting was super easy. "Transferring to waste yarn" simply meant slip the stitches from one needle onto an extra piece of yarn instead of the other needle. This will "save your stitch spots" for later when it's time to use smaller needles to add sleeves (duh, makes total sense in hindsight). 
I hope this inspires you to give something new a try. If I can figure it out you can too--and if you choose knitting and need help from someone just a few steps ahead just send me an email or comment. :)


  1. I am so insanely impressed by this!! Great job!!

  2. I don't know--maybe I should quit while I'm ahead and turn it into a bolero ;)

  3. Me, too! Beautiful.