Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ladies: Grab Your Mowers!

A few years ago I saw my neighbor (a work-outside-the-home-mom) mowing the lawn. My first thought was, "Seriously?! Is there nothing that we women don't feel we need to take on?!" Then I thought about how my neighbor was really smart and cool so there must be something to it.
Ladies: there is something to it. Imagine a chore where you can put on your headphones (or earbuds ;) and blast out your favorite tunes while totally tuning out the world. Imagine still a chore that stays done at least for a few days, unlike the beastly laundry and dishes which perpetuate while you are still working on them. It's satisfying indeed. Plus, it's cardio. Need I say more?


  1. OK, So I read your blog everyday and love it! I have read all of your book bits as well as all the others those authors wrote, and loved them...(Jill Mansell I still have a more 3 books left) I love to read! But a few months ago I heard that lawn mowing burns 520 calories per hour...more then Zumba or whatever, so I now mow! Jeff still weeds and edges but I mow! In fact I did it today, almost with a 16 month old strapped to my back but Jeff came home just in time to watch the kiddos! It gives me a huge feeling of success. You can usually find me in the canal afterwards floating!
    --Jen Batty-Searcy

  2. Nice! 520 calories may explain why I need to down a quart of Gatorade when I'm done. PS: Thanks for reading!

  3. Mowing the lawn is like vacuuming in that once you've finished you can look around and tell that you've had an appreciable effect.

  4. I've only ever tried mowing once when I was in high school. I mowed like I all different directions. Dad never asked me to do it again. But for 520 calories...I could be persuaded to learn!

  5. Danielle, I KNEW there was something to it when I offered to mow a couple of times at the end of my maternity leave so that Mike could do some heftier chores around the house. He wouldn't let me! I asked him why and he said that he wouldn't want his wife outside doing hard work in the heat while he was inside. This translated to, "There's no way in h*** you are leaving me inside with an 18 month old, a 2 month old, two dogs, a cat, and Saturday morning TV." He quickly put the earphones in and was on his way!