Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School = Autumn...Because I Say So

Despite the fact that it is quite literally breathtakingly hot and humid outside, I am declaring it Autumn. Because when I think of back-to-school time (Amelia's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow!!) I think of shiny red apples and warm cardigans and a wee nip in the air. Which is nothing like my upbringing in Key West by the way...perhaps that is why I am slightly obsessed with seasons and places where they occur. Anyhoo... just for my own sense of fun I purchased the most autumn-inspired grocery flowers I could find as well as a Whole Living magazine with a big, red apple on the front and a new book with sweater-clad people atop crunchy leaves. That's a start. This weekend I am thinking of going all out and baking something with cinnamon in it--wild, I know ;)  

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