Monday, July 12, 2010

Will I love it or love it not?

May I begin by saying this quirky and adorable flower is the only wildflower received from the CSA in its twelve-week run? Not the only kind of wildflower received in our bundle, mind you. The. Only. Flower. But I digress...
This week is a little experiment for me. I am running a children's art camp (roughly ages 3-10), thanks to my lovely and trusting friend Lisa ;). I love art. I love teaching children. And yet, will I love teaching art to children? It remains to be seen in full...This first day was quite fun. I taught them about different kinds of paintings (landscape, etc.) and we sketched out the beginnings of their own mixed media canvases (the main event and take-home element for the camp). Wish me luck for tomorrow we paint, pre-schoolers and all. Wheee!!!

1 comment:

  1. Very brave dear!!!!!I am sure you'll do wonderful but I must say the if there are alot of weee ones it can get alittle crazy,lol.Cant wait to see end results!