Monday, July 19, 2010

Surf's Up

Each day this week I will be highlighting a newly finished item for Saturday's show. "Countdown to Trunk Show" item #1 is a very cool piece, if I do say so myself. Surf's Up is an 8-inch square canvas layered with creamy acrylic paint, deconstructed scrapbook paper, and Sharpie design. I chose muted, masculine tones to create a very hip "surfer dude" kind of mood for this one. I had an older boy's room in my head when visioning this, but really I think it would suit anyone who loves the idea of surfing and/or this handsome and sophisticated color palette.
Layers of various kinds of white acrylic, plus layers of crisp white paper, create the depth of the crashing wave that this brave soul is willing to surf on. 
Surf's up!