Tuesday, July 20, 2010


How cute is this wee teeny hoop?! I found a few of these 3" wooden hoops at the craft store on Sunday and I snatched them all up, greedy shopper that I am. The design of this hoop evolved as I worked on it, but I am satisfied that the finished product aligns with my initial vision: creating something for little girls who love purple vs. the scads of young ladies who adore pink. I may go back in and add just a few more embroidered leaf details and possibly tiny blossom sets in the blank spots. I am going to sleep on it, though if you have thoughts I would love your collective opinion. Tomorrow...a cupcake! But not the kind you eat ;)


  1. Man you are cranking stuff out now girl and GOOD stuff to boot!!!I love it the way it is!I had huge bouquets of them for my 4th of july party thanks to my generous neighbor.They were gorgeous!! cupcake :],hmmmmmmmmm

  2. I agree with Sandra - I would leave it the way it is. Any more and you run the risk of making it too busy, given that it's small.