Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good to Know

I took this picture on the flight to's of a wonderful article in Body & Soul magazine about how using your hands and being in a creative place can increase serotonin levels and thus increase your level of happiness. My own quest to craft some more happiness in my life, to maybe find the sweet spot where creativity meets earning, led to this week-long children's art camp. 
What I know now is that my love for children and the field of education and my love for art do not mix. While working with the children this week has been fun, and while I love the content that I am teaching, it is leaving me without any creative spirit at the end of the day. That part of my brain has nothing left for my own creating and making, whether in the studio or even the kitchen. 
I am so, so grateful for the chance to peek into this life, the life of an art teacher. Grateful for the chance to climb over the fence, see that "whoa, the grass over here is not actually greener" and then contentedly climb back to my side. For so many reasons, this is good to know. 

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  1. Ok, sooo now you know:}! Its a good thing,lol;]!