Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Truthful Tuesday: Black Thumb

Have you guys heard of Truthful Tuesday? It's a fantastic new blog movement where lovely ladies are revealing a little more "true" life moments in their blogs versus only the pretty or "blogworthy" moments, if you will. Click here to learn a little more from Hip Mountain Mama blog. 
My Tuesday Truth?
I come from a long line of farmers and landscapers...yeah, um, I am thinking that particular gene escaped me. The irony is that I love flowers and plants, as you probably noticed from what I tend to photograph. I just can't seem to take good care of them. If I happen to post a pretty picture of a flower you can be sure either: 
     a) It's a purchased, cut flower from the grocery store. 
     b) It's a brand new plant freshly home from the nursery. 
     c) It's a lovely, healthy bloom from one of my neighbor's yards. 

Oh well! We can't be good at everything!!


  1. great truthful tuesday!! My husband has the green thumb around here and mine has been getting greener...but hasn't always been that way :)!

  2. You'll get there! I am just now starting to get better and I have a good 10 years on you,ESHHH,ughhhhh!The pots cool,lol!

  3. I kill everything, too! Must be our creativeness... no time for plants!