Monday, June 7, 2010

A Perfect Picnic Spot...

Wouldn't you love to fluff out a blanket and rest under this pretty shade tree? The Creativity Bootcamp word of the day was: Picnic. Couldn't you just envision a soft gingham blanket and a full picnic basket sitting atop the dandelion grass? 
I was so grateful for this word of the day as it helped me navigate the creativity required to finish this special order art piece. It's for a gender-neutral nursery and I was getting stuck on what to put underneath the tree. I toyed around with several options until (serendipitously) the word picnic came my way. Now all that stood between me and a finished product was sweet dandelion grass. Speaking of finished products...Picnic got top billing this afternoon, since it needs to be mailed tomorrow. However progress has been made on Ivory. Good progress indeed...
PS: For those Bootcampers who are keeping tabs: yes, I am technically sticking to the one medium philosophy in that my medium consists of items for my Etsy shop: The Custom Caterpillar, which has mixed media canvas, embroidery applique, and colored pencil sketches for children of all ages :) 


  1. Hello fellow teacher! It's always good to see others that have a life outside of the classroom. :o)

    I LOVE the work you showed today. It's so dreamy and exactly what I would pick for a gender neutral nursery too!

    Beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful interpretation of the word picnic!

  3. Wow this bootcamp class is a great idea!I am in love with the wishes you made under the tree. Both new pieces are very custom caterpillar ;](thats a great thing!)

  4. This is wonderful! I will see you tomorrow!

  5. hi, fellow boot camper here! your picnic piece is absolutely wonderful. i love your embroidery work as well. it's so sweet.