Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Knitting "In the Round"

...also known as knitting on circular needles...when making items that are tube-shaped such as hats, sleeves, etc. I was quite intimidated by the thought, but pushed forward when I saw this free pattern that was too cute to pass up. 
As it turns out, knitting in the round is easy and in many ways more fun to me than straight needles. The circular needles are shorter, thereby feeling a bit more manageable in my hands. Even better, it's psychologically easier for me to complete one rotation of stitches at a time verses going back across a straight needle (Sort of like running...I would rather make a one-mile lap than go down the street for a half-mile and have to retrace my steps back home).
PS: In lieu of a fancy stitch marker, I used a safety pin to mark my spot at the beginning of a row. Whatever works, right?!

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