Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inspiration, Round and Round

I have been so inspired by women in this electronic world we call the blogosphere lately. Alli from One Pearl Button inspires me to put my artistic eye (and effort, natch) into how I dress each day. MyCakies and Lovely Design blogs each helped me see that rearranging even the tiniest areas of the house will help me love my space again and therefore clean it ;). As always, Soulemama is my greatest source of inspiration for all things. In cleaning out my bathroom and closet today I decided to keep my makeup in a pretty bowl instead of a zippered bag that gets crud caked into the bottom. The bowl will probably get cruddy too, but at least it will look pretty while it all accumulates! 
I learned that I inspired my friend Rebecca with this post the other day. Thanks for letting me know, Rebecca! I am loving the round and round of it all!!

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  1. I know ,it is amazing how we can now learn from soooo many other women. Its a real gift!