Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grocery Flowers + Yard Clippings = Awesome

I love warmth of this picture. It's relaxing, I think. It also reminds that I have been meaning to share a new trick that I have discovered...
I love to stretch inexpensive grocery-store bouquets in various ways--making them look a bit more purposeful and classy and also help those few dollars stretch just a little further. I have also enjoyed seeing images on other blogs, where lovely ladies are able to snip away at their own gardens for bouquets. Alas, there are no snip-worthy blooms in my garden; however, greenery abounds. SO...I filled a big tomato can with boxwood greenery from the back yard and then interspersed a very small bunch of grocery store flowers throughout. I now have a very lush and full centerpiece for the kitchen table for only a few dollars. Score!


  1. Great idea! I have loved those inexpensive bouquets from Publix lately, too, but I hadn't thought to add extra greenery to fill it out more. Putting those on the dining room table just makes the whole room look sunnier. OK, buying some tomorrow!

  2. That photo is beautiful! love it. Yellows are such a nice soft romantic hue.