Friday, June 18, 2010

Evidence of Art

If you were to drop in for coffee one afternoon, you would most certainly need to scoot aside some artsy materials to make some space for yourself. Growing up, my family always said that I left a trail wherever I went (at the time it was likely Seventeen magazines and scrunchies). Over a decade later it is no different! Just a mere few of my trails: 
I do love (and use) my studio. Stuff just seems to spill out of there all by itself;) 
Today was the last day of Creativity Bootcamp. I have so enjoyed the process and the friends made along the way! Speaking of, I have a lovely mixed media canvas to show you tomorrow. It's called The Hummingbird and it's oh so pretty. Until then!

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  1. Well with the sole exception of your sewing/knitting expo on the end table, this is all just you being clean! You don't have a sink in your studio, so expansion is mandatory if you want to maintain your tools.