Friday, June 11, 2010

Coffee Crisps

Soulemama's kitchen post was simply dreamy. Inspiring. Tempting. After waiting for the opportunity to hit the grocery store for some molasses, I was finally able to make Amanda Soule's interpretation of Miss Mae's Coffee Crisps. Truth be told, I was not feeling encouraged during the making process--the molasses had an unpleasant smell to me and the wet mixture of ingredients was not pleasing to look at to say the least. However, the resulting coffee crisp was quite intriguing to us all. It had a nice flavor, not too sweet. It had a light, crispy texture...sort of like a biscotti but not as hard. I have had two already and will  certainly stop by the kitchen again soon. Yum!
One of today's Bootcamp assignments was to photograph out of your norm. Therefore, instead of showing you the finished crisps on a pretty plate by the window, I show you mess. I still think it's kinda pretty though ;)
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I saw these at soulemama, and thought about it, but coffee and I don't mix well.... so I bypassed. Maybe I could use decaf? They look yummy!