Friday, June 25, 2010

The Butterfly

Here is The Butterfly! It is heading to a store alongside The Hummingbird, hopefully for some good 'n plenty Custom Caterpillar exposure. Speaking of a different kind of exposure, I simply cannot figure out how to photograph hot pink felt without it coming out looking red. The red you see below? It's pink I tell you!! Not even close to red in person. 
And because it's Friday (yay!) here is a "fun" one: 
Happy weekend to all!
PS: If you like either of these pieces and would like to have your own in a similar style or color palette, just send an email!


  1. Hey my comments are disappearing sometimes when I write you and Im havin the same prob on my blog with fam leaving their comments.Anywhooooooo your butterfly is perfect!!!You captured their magic!(I love red,lol)

  2. Bummer!! Thank you about the butterfly :)