Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Acadia National Park

When people asked me what I was planning on doing on vacation, I both envisioned and answered "relaxing by the pool overlooking the harbor." But the strangest thing happened when I got to Maine...I wanted to see/feel/experience every part. I not only wanted to drive over and see the beauty of Acadia National Park, I wanted to hike it too (and for those who know me personally, this is quite a diversion from my normal self). We asked an adorably Maine-accented Park Ranger which trail would be best and set off to hike. Reaching the top of our particular trail was such a satisfying experience. We were so proud of ourselves! It was not until the way back down that we realized we had traversed the trail backwards (thus climbing up some things that were meant to be climbed down--no wonder some bits were so challenging!).  No worries! We went back the next day and did it the "right" way, having just as much fun and experiencing that same sense of accomplishment at reaching the top as we did the day before. And the view was magical to say the least!! 

**Oopsie Daisies!!**
PS: In Custom Caterpillar officially launched last night! More items are to come this weekend!!


  1. Beautiful photos! And I think doing the trail both forwards and backwards is a sign of your creativity. :)

  2. Lol,sounds like one of my moves! What a beautifullllll place!!!!

  3. Hee hee! Yes, those who know the both of us are probably not at all surprised.