Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purl Jam

I was at a stuck point in making art for the shop last night. My creative brain was up and running but my hands were not cooperating. Rather than force it, I decided to pick up my new-to-me knitting book (thanks Jill!) and figure out this mysterious creature called the purl stitch (so far all of my projects have been made using only the basic garter stitch). I did it! This allowed me to finally figure out the even more elusive stockinette pattern. Oh my, things are gettin' crazy now! In celebration of my finally figuring this all out, I took myself to Michael's where I bought two pretty skeins of the softest yarn and some circular knitting needles. Then I came home to find a Michael's coupon in my email inbox. Dang! I guess I'll look on the bright side and consider it an opportunity for more shopping later this week ;)
PS: Pardon the post title. I love puns...and also Pearl Jam. 

1 comment:

  1. Good for you!I still havent tried knitting yet.It scares my wee brain ;].OHHH and I always get the stinkin coupon "after" I've gone to the store,ughhhh!