Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hand-painted Graphic Tees II

Happy Birthday to my dad and brother!! Yup, they share the same birthday--isn't that cool?
Some of you may remember this fingerprint graphic tee that Amelia and I made my dad for Christmas. Making a simple design out of her fingerprints was a fun way to include her in the process while still generating a wearable shirt. I wanted to reprise that idea, so I decided to tape off a rectangle shape and have Amelia paint whatever she wanted inside: 
When the tape was peeled away it looked like this: 
It's still hand painted and designed by Amelia, but in a scaled-down version. 
I wanted in on this too, of course. When I was younger and my dad and I would paint or draw together we would sign our names and then draw a little bicycle under the signatures (though I have no idea why!). So, I made this:  
Happy birthday dad! Now, in case you were wondering, my brother received gifts of the store-bought variety which I am sure he didn't mind a bit!


  1. Happy Birthday Boys!Bike came out great!

  2. I got a Trebuchet and the Space Needle!

  3. I wont even pretend to know what that is Rob,lol