Monday, May 17, 2010

Amelia's First Recital

Here is my not-so-little one waiting for her turn on stage yesterday evening. She had been waiting for this moment ever since beginning ballet classes back in the fall. She did an amazing job and she definitely loved performing in front of an audience--we were so proud! The afternoon felt like a bit of a time warp of sorts, as it seems like just yesterday I was the one sitting on the counter (or washing machine, as it were) having my mom put on my first dose of stage make-up. Does Amelia have the ballet bug? Who knows? When we got in the car she said, "That was fun. Now, when can I cut my hair and play soccer?" Soon, my darling, very soon...

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  1. A bit of a tom boy to huh ;].So is Annabella.Its good to be a nice rounded mix,lol