Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watercolors and Salt

My friend Kim, who teaches elementary school art, showed me a fun painting technique to do with kids: 
Watercolor paints sprinkled with salt. The salt interacts with the water, dispersing the pigment and making a cool design and texture. To me this seems like a great sensory experience to set up for little ones. I will say that clean up is slightly annoying, but we had fun : ) 
PS: Kim and her sister Karen blog about art education here


  1. Cool!They should go replace Annas art teacher.My 3 kids I take to school where all complaining that their schools teacher is borrrring.One project they did was to draw random lines that where clouding their minds down on paper.Geezzz they are 8 year olds :|.They complained the most about her not letting them do holiday drawings.That drives me nutso,ughhh.Eshh sorry for the ramble :\

  2. Thanks for the info, I will be trying this with my toddler who loves water color paints!
    Happy Earth Day!

  3. What a beautiful effect! I would love to try it myself! :)
    Thank you for sharing,