Monday, April 26, 2010

My Baby and My Kids

Amelia just turned five, yet she will always be my baby. My kids? Well, I have several hundred of those by now. You see, my "kids" are my students. My post is late tonight because I was at an event celebrating students who are now graduating from high school (I teach middle school). It doesn't matter how long it's been since I have seen them, they are still my kids and love them to bits. My heart swells when they are happy to see me too! My heart was filled to the brim tonight when I gave hugs to my kids headed off to college and then came home and kissed my baby goodnight. 


  1. Its a special gift to be able to touch a kids life .We all have a few adults from our old schools that will forever be in our hearts.Why, for that one "so right thing they said" or for just always smiling and being their for a quick talk,etc.Growin up is hard to do!!!It feels good to have an adult on your side that understand you.May your heart over flow with many more memories from your kids;]

  2. I feel the same way, even after all these years of being out of the classroom. Facebook has been a wonderful way to catch up and keep up with them!

    With my babies, I am really considering teaching again and am eligible for a temp cert in secondary social sciences. If you hear of any openings, please let me know. :)