Monday, April 12, 2010

Mixed Media Art for Amelia--Finished!

Here it is! I hope you like it. It was a labor of love for my little girl with lots of time spent cutting paper for flowers and other friends. It is acrylic on canvas, plus scrapbook paper layered using Mod Podge, plus a little Sharpie here and there for details. A layer of glossy Mod Podge was used over the whole canvas to finish (which explains the unfortunate sheen on some of the photos...I will have to get better at that!). 
These guys are ready for their close-ups: 
It was a lot of fun incorporating all of Amelia's special requests. When I showed her the finished piece yesterday she said, "I love it. I know you worked hard to make me something special." I am not making that up. That's what she said. Who wouldn't spend hours cutting paper for a little girl like that?


  1. It is just beautiful! And with that rave review from Amelia...I know the hard work was well worth it!

  2. She is one special girl:},amazing!!!It all came out awesome but I am in love with the caterpillar,lol.He is toooo cute!!

  3. Very, very beautiful! And what a special little lady you have!!

  4. Absolutely Lovely! So much detail...
    Amelia, I am sure you are very proud of mummy!

  5. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and you went the whole post without using the word Decoupage! Fantastic!