Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Girl She Used To Be

You will be tired after reading this book because you will have stayed up late into the night to finish it! The Girl She Used to Be is a page turner from beginning to end, hooking you into the story by the close of the first page and not letting go. It's the story of Melody Grace McCartny who, as a young girl, witnessed a crime that put her, along with her parents, into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Since then she has been relocated many times; sometimes due to legitimate threat and other times because she was restless, never finding fullfillment in the boring, safe 'characters' she portrayed to keep her safe. All of a sudden, a man connected to the original crime finds her and wants to help her. Should she trust him? 
I didn't realize this book was written by a man until I got it home. I found that Melody's voice was clear in the book, and you couldn't tell that someone from a different gender perspective wrote the story. I went to David Cristofano's website to learn more about his writing process. It was very interesting how he developed the story, feeling like the main character should be a woman but knowing the writing challenge ahead. Alas, this is his first book so I cannot run out and get another story of his. I will say that as soon as there is another I will be very excited to stay up late and read it. 

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