Sunday, April 4, 2010

Barefoot Easter Sunday: Coconut Macaroons

I hope that you had a lovely, lovely day today. Here, along with the sequined chick that I promised to show you (see, he isn't so bad!) are Ina Garten's delectable coconut macaroons:
They were sweet, light, and tasty if you like coconut, and the recipe was a very easy one to let Amelia help with (really just stirring and scooping involved). After a while they got a little squishy and oozy, but that may be the Florida heat/humidity combo. In any case, when I make these again I will make just enough to eat right away.  
I did finish the bunny late last night-Yay! I think she's super-cute, if not totally homemade-looking (but that's what I was going for, right?!):

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  1. OHHH MY GODDDDD,THE BUNNY IS ADORABLE!!The chic is really cool to and macaroons look yum!Happy Easter to you all!!!