Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This picture is one of my favorites. I snapped it at the hardware store the other day. I just love the balance of the gerbera, or "gerber daisy" as I prefer to say, set against such an industrial-looking background. This evening was an exercise in balance to be sure. We hit the mid-week slump hard, each of us having three very full work/school days in a row. To balance that no cooking was done this evening. No cleaning either. No crafting. No dish washing. No folding the clothes in the dryer that I have been ignoring since yesterday. What was done? Enjoying each other's company while eating take-out (and leftover püddy pie) and then snuggling on the couch to watch the second half of The Princess and the Frog. Balance indeed. Happy Wednesday to you and yours!


  1. yes. The harder it is, the softer it needs to be to balance it out... Lovely image both in the picture and the words...
    Thank you! maybe the rest of your week have plenty of soft spots to land and rest!

  2. That a girl!;]
    Pic reminds me of a woman in a mans appartment,lol,very cool.The next time you go by, Miss Daisy will have hung floral curtains on the metal slats,lol