Saturday, March 20, 2010

Party Favors

Today was Amelia's bouncy party day! We all had a wonderful time and Amelia was just over-the-moon about it being "her" day and having her school chums come and bounce in celebration with us. To thank them for coming, we put together some favors for them to take home and enjoy. 
My mom and I set up assembly-line style at the kitchen table last night after Amelia was in bed (thanks, Mom!):
The favors included a pad of plain drawing paper, various stickers, and a pack of crayons (Isa approved!):
We wrapped them up in decorative cellophane bags from the dollar store. I felt a little bad that the boys had flowery bags (despite "boyish" stickers on the inside), so at the last minute I added pink and blue tags to personalize just a little:
And now? We rest a little bit!

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  1. They look great!Glad little mama had a bouncy birthday ball;].