Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Painted Wall Detail

Here is our next installment of making Amelia a "big girl room" on a budget. If you remember, the first order of business was getting her a real bookshelf. We personalized an inexpensive shelf by painting the back wall pink
Now we had another wall to tackle. I wanted to keep the name letters that we painstakingly painted white five years ago (they hung over her crib) but felt like giving them an updated, more "glamorous" look, if you will. Here is what came of that idea:
The left-over bookshelf paint came in handy for creating a pink background for the letters to rest on. I used painter's tape to map out the rectangle and then filled in the pink with a paint brush (brushing from the tape inward to minimize paint bleeding under the tape. When I pulled off the tape, I was pleasantly surprised to find a crisp line with this method. However, it still needed a little "something." In a contrasting darker pink paint (regular craft paint), I made little dots by stamping with the eraser end of a pencil: 
This took forever, but I am in love with how it turned out. Jason and I both agree that the eraser detail "makes it." Now we are two projects down with one to go and it's a big one, folks. Details soon. 


  1. I agree - the almost 'frilly' border around the lighter pink makes it pop. It transforms it from a sign into a marquee

  2. Looks awesome:}!!!!I have done the eraser thing and I can fully appreciate the patience it took to do 500 of them,ughhhhhhhh.I dont think I could have done it,lol.