Monday, March 22, 2010

The Makings of Magnets

Amelia tore into each and every present she received this weekend, wearing every given item and playing and creating with every toy {insert huge mess here}. This was a fun one: Opti-Art Glass Magnet Kit. It came with everything we needed to create 12 glass magnets, beginning with these pretty glass stones:  
Amelia was so excited that her artwork would be soon holding up her artwork on the fridge-double the fun! Painting was quick and easy, though a tad mind-blowing (for me ;) in painting on letters since you needed to paint the images in reverse. 
We love how they turned out!
Once dry, you cut the magnet sheet to size and stick the pieces on the back. Be careful on magnet size: I think I cut mine too small. What we thought may be an intruder or hungry raccoon in the house last night turned out to be falling glass magnets!
PS: Amelia thanks her pal Brendon for such a fun present!

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  1. Very cool!Can never have enough magnets on the fridge;]