Friday, March 26, 2010

Facing Your Fears

Alas, I did not make the top twelve in the photo contest [insert wistful sigh here], but I thank each of you wholeheartedly for your enthusiasm and support. I do feel good about being brave and putting myself out there for review, because that was kind of scary. Fear can be such a roadblock between us and our goals, dreams, desires, etc. What I know for sure is that I am not alone in that. The photo above is Isa and her roadblock: the doggie door. These last few days she has faced her fear and nosed through all by herself! So, on this Friday evening I hope that I, along with my four-pound-dog, can inspire you to be brave and inch toward a goal this weekend. Best of luck!
Oh, and I would love to hear about it :) 


  1. Oh poop!You'll win next time!!!You go isa!!I faced my fear of cleaning my pops living room today,lol.Seriously though I will work on my fear of sending my books to a publisher(one of these days,eckkk:\

  2. I was catching up on my reading and came across something realy good besides the pictures and the food. I have been struggling the las several weeks and this just made it make sense FEAR can be such a roadblock between us and our goals, dreams, and desires. I have printed it and I am putting it in my car to read so hopefully it will help me. Thanks :) Susan Hayes