Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Basket Weave Felt

I nearly entitled this post "Procrastination," since I have been steadily not working on this little project for some time now. The issue is that I am all done with the fun parts and now don't feel like getting around to the actual meat of the project. At least I am finally ready to show you how I did the basket weave design:
* I cut strips of felt with pinking shears to get those fun, raggedy edges. Then they got lined up as evenly as I could manage. And, yes, that is Amelia's stuffed hedgehog in the picture. I'm a messy crafter!
* Then I placed the pink strips on top crosswise. 
* I pinned only one end of each strip to begin with, bending the pink strips back to get ready for weaving. I then "over-undered" each strip alternately. Once I was done with a row, I pinned the other side of the strip down to secure it.
* All done! Next I will be doing french knots to hold the felt in place once the pins are removed. 
What am I making? My goal is to show you by Thursday. Now that I have set a deadline things should move at a slightly speedier pace ;)

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