Sunday, March 21, 2010

Barefoot Sunday: Lemon Angel Food Cake

Thank you to my friend Carie who inspired me with this idea yesterday when I was fresh out of inspiration. I had never made any kind of angel food cake before, so this would surely be an adventure. 
The recipe, found right here at, calls for about 10-12 egg whites. To achieve proper results, the eggs must come to room temperature (don't forget!):
Prep time was about twenty minutes, and not particularly difficult at all...I'm thinking it was rated 'intermediate' online due to the organization required to pull it off (and lots of bowls and measuring utensils!). When all was said and done: a fluffy, slightly lemony, delicious angel food cake: 
Trials and Tribulations:
  • There were mixed reviews online about how easy it is to get the cake out of the pan. I did have difficulty with this, so the tippy top of the cake sported some "baldness."
  • I was not able to find cake flour, nor super fine sugar at my grocery store. I used all-purpose flour and granulated sugar and increased the whipping time to accommodate. You gotta do what you gotta do!


  1. Wow I havent had this in a while.Great spring cake!The rose is gorgeous ;]

  2. Glad Ina & I could provide some inspiration! Love, Carie