Monday, February 1, 2010

One Small Change: Healthy Food February

We had tremendous success with our reduction in paper towel usage during January (only using two rolls the entire month!). While keeping that going, we decided that February would be about adding something good vs. reducing something not-so-good. So here it is: 

Healthy Food February. I am going to try to increase the amount of healthy foods I have available in the house, as well as in the meals I prepare. For example, using brown rice instead of white, etc. Also, with inspiration from other One Small Changers (Hi, Brooke!) I am aiming to have some more meatless meals in the repertoire. Yummy!


  1. Good luck dear!Keep it up.I know it sure as heck isnt the easiest thing to do. I guess finding "quick ,simple" yet yummy recipes is the key .If I come across any good ones I'll let you know.You do the same k. We could definately use a dose of healthy around here!!!!!!

  2. ps I love the brown eggs!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So great to hear Jan went so well! Healthy food February sounds awesome! Good for you and good for the planet!!

  4. You mentioned me!!! How fun! Good luck, and love your new challenge, and your secretiveness for V-day. I have some plans, but nothing has been made yet!