Monday, February 22, 2010

It Just Takes One

We had beautiful weather this weekend; of course, today it's raining but we enjoyed it while it lasted. All it took was the first set of neighbors to wander out into their yard, bewildered at the nasty state of it all, to get the rest of us moving. Slowly but surely we all followed suit, cranking up long-hibernating lawn equipment and digging in. Literally. 
By the end of the weekend there was a little more outdoor enjoyment to be had, rather than focused grooming. Children were playing outside. Adults were planting pansies and talking about the crazy climate we live in. Birdies were chirping and feeding on the berries freed from cut limbs. It was so nice to have that sense of community that comes from not being shut inside from the elements. It was also nice that the neighborhood college kids, engaging in an interesting combination beer pong/study session, at least had the same taste in music as we did (since we couldn't help but here it :). 
Here are some pictures:

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  1. Luv the bubbs pic!!!Pansys make me think of the blue dahlia book:}