Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to Make Your Grandmother's Bread

Step One: Walk casually into the kitchen thinking, "I'd like to make some bread."
Step Two: Casually look for the bread recipe in the recipe box. 
Step Three: Experience great panic when unable to find recipe. Empty recipe box.
Step Four: Check computer. I typed that one, right? Um, no. 
Step Five: Sift through (no pun intended) every recipe. Toss a few that are no longer appealing.
Step Six: Breathe sigh of relief when recipe is found.
Step Seven: Actually type it up this time. 
Step Eight: Make the bread approximately 30 minutes and one freak out later.
Step Nine: Eat the bread.
Step nine was my favorite ;o)


  1. LOL,I loved this:>!!!!!!!Now that you have typed the recipe...... pleassssse email it to me(pretty please with a gumball on top:>)It looks incredibly delicious!!!!!!drool:/

  2. That does look pretty good! Yum!

  3. Adorable!
    And the bread looks fantastic. That is the one area Mike admittedly has trouble with...any suggestions?

  4. I have no suggestions! :) I would be happy to email the "recipe." I would have posted it, but it's very rough...really just my notes scribbled feverishly while watching her make it. I will say: there is a lot more salt in Italian recipes than I would care to admit ;)

  5. Good bread has two very important ingredients: Salt and Lard.