Friday, February 19, 2010


I named this little guy Gufetto, which means little owl in Italian. He is a get-well present for my (Italian) dad who had shoulder surgery this afternoon (he's doing great). Before you go thinking that I whipped this up last night, know that this project took about a week's time in making/shipping. 
First I had some embroidery fun designing the front while watching recorded episodes of Project Runway:
I wanted the back to have a ruffly/feathery look, so I used pinking shears to cut strips of felt, then overlapped them as I stitched them on to the main scrap of felt (excuse the chipped nail polish and colorful pajama pants please):
To finish, I pinned the opposite sides together, sewed around the "outline" created by the embroidery (leaving the bottom un-sewn for stuffing purposes). I turned him right-side-out, stuffed him, and finished sewing. I left some of the "feather" strips longer so that they could flare out a little as wings.
Perhaps one day I will be organized and adventurous enough to create a real tutorial to share...this will have to do for now, but if anyone has questions just leave a comment or email. Happy Friday! 


  1. Love the thought and love put into this. So cute!

  2. Gufetto is sitting at the bedside, right next to a Percocet :) He is very cute and has generated many a smile already. Your dad says thanks.

  3. Lord he's toooooooo cute!!Great job!!Glad all went well with his surgery:\