Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Fun Little Drink

This is a little concoction I like to drink while making dinner; one that won't put me to sleep by prime time television: 3 parts club soda to 1 part pomegranate juice plus a squirt (or three) of lime. The club soda both stretches the dollar-factor of the pomegranate juice as well as the syrupy quality it can have. So, you are left with a healthy, tasty drink that's pink!
On a completely unrelated note...I so wish that I had both my camera and a third arm to take a picture of myself this afternoon, an image I saw in the reflection of my glass back door as I ventured wearily home after a long day's work: Me carrying my huge and heavy bag, her backpack, my coat, her coat, two overpacked bags of groceries, my scarf half in my mouth and trailing behind me on the ground and my keys hanging off my pinkie so that I may try and unlock the door.  She's nearly five and could/should probably carry some things in too, but at four-thirty she's just as tired and whiny as I am. So, I continue to carry on. Literally. At least I have strong mom-arms now :)

1 comment:

  1. This sounds and looks very good!Definately going to try it.Oh if you ever "want" something pretty with a weee kick;] try cherry vodka with cherry 7-up and a maraschino cherry(or 5 or 10:>),lots of ice ,AMAZING!