Monday, February 8, 2010

Evening Bag

This was a fun little project that I got teased mercilessly about from my friends...lovingly of course :) We had a formal event to attend Saturday evening that required me to hem a few inches from my dress. The large scrap of black sequined fabric was begging to be used somehow, yet it was too narrow to use on it's own. 
Here's what I did: I folded a piece of felt in half width-wise, hand sewed the sides closed, then turned it inside-out so that the stitches didn't show. Then I pinned the sequined fabric in place and sewed it to the sides (the black fabric hid the stitches, so I didn't even need to be careful). I purposely used the original dress bottom's "hem" as the top of the evening bag so that no special finishing was needed. I sewed on a snap and packed it up with the essentials. 
I was sort of sad to be done with it, so now it's in my day-to-day bag holding random un-fancy things like bobby pins and Chapstick :)

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