Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year Everyone!
My friend Carol gave me this vintage New Year postcard, tucked in among my Christmas gifts (which were handmade, by the way. She's awesome.) I love it so! I love that it's nearly 100 years old and I love that it is from a mother to a daughter. My absolute favorite part, though, is the date. It's a New Year postcard dated February 3rd. I find that very precious and very reminiscent of my late maternal grandmother, Aulon, who always had these amazing plans and ideas and then got tired just thinking about them and thus set the plans aside.
I keep her in my mind on this New Year. I am very much like her in that way...having grand plans and then getting overwhelmed. Part of why I decided on this little blogging adventure is to keep me accountable to my own hopes and dreams, instead of pining over those in blogs next door. So far I think it's working and I'm so glad. Thank you for coming with me along the way.
In other life- and blog-related news, I have decided to participate in the One Small Change project (click the button on the right to learn more). I will tell you all about it tomorrow, friends :)

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