Friday, January 22, 2010

We Love to Read

I come from a long line of voracious readers. When I was little our home was full of books, magazines, catalogs, comics,--anything and everything you could get your hands on and read. I hoped for that same love of reading, or at least the easy opportunity for reading, to be available to Amelia. I think I bought books for her before I bought any actual baby gear and supplies!
Anyway, this all came together yesterday. She received her first magazine in the mail (High Five...sort of like Highlights Jr.) with sheer excitement and demanded that we drop everything and read it cover to cover right then (which we did). Then she went through it a second time narrating the pictures...something I love to hear her do; it's so cute. Since she was happily occupied I went to her room to grab her sheets for the laundry and this is what I found: 
Twenty-five books! I promise it didn't look like that many when they were still among the sheets and blankets.  I cringe at the thought of her sleeping with her face smashed against a book binding or two...or twelve. Still, I am so smitten with the idea that the love of reading continues along on the family line. Yay. 


  1. How sweet! I can picture it in my head.Anna drops them onto the floor when shes done for the evening and I always worry shes gonna go flying on them if she gets up in the middle of the night:}.Little mamas are to to cute!!!!!!!!Oh do ya think I can find that red lime by me:}?? To cool!!

  2. We just started getting High Five for our youngest, and Highlights for the older one... they love them! I often catch Faith still awake reading when I'm ready to hit the hay. I can't knock it though... I did the same thing at her age.