Saturday, January 9, 2010

Studio Reveal!

Ta da! Here it is, my guest bedroom closet turned studio. It has been a labor of love and I am so grateful to Jason for supporting the idea and supplying all of the heavy lifting. Would you like a tour?
The closet itself, as well as the studs behind it, are a little off-kilter. So, supreme virgo-style symmetry was unattainable. From up close (where I'll be) you can't really tell : ) 
The doors (touched-up with paint and given new knobs) are able to close, allowing the studio to be out of view as well as giving Amelia [immediate] access to her play kitchen:
Can you believe just a week ago it looked like this? Goodness! I'll do some specific posts next week about the little odds and ends. For now, I will relax and enjoy...oh, and start my search for an awesome studio chair ;)
PS: Tomorrow is Barefoot Sunday as well as my 100th post! Yowza--see you then!


  1. NIIICCCEEE!!! You'll never guess my favorite thing.yup - the cento can. I love using tomamto cans for storage. They are so colorful and well...italian!Your whole studio is lovely.Good job girls!!

  2. I know! I love my Cento cans...I feel so tied to my italian roots when I use they are such a great size and shape! I have one of those can openers that pulls the lids off without leaving a sharp edge, so it's Cento's galore around here!

  3. Pretty! Will it always be so tidy? If so, then I might be a little jealous :) How nice to turn a little space into your own creative spot! Very inspiring. Now I'm wondering what little nook of our home will work for my own!

  4. Ooh, I love it! I wish I had a spot like that for my scrapbooking things. One day! And I'll call on you for design advice. :)

  5. So fun! Until then you could come over and we could just both play in the studio : )

  6. Sounds great, Danielle! I asked Celia the other day if she'd like to get together with Amelia again soon for lunch, and she was all about it! I'll be out of town this weekend, but maybe the following Saturday we could get together? :) Loving the blog!

  7. Nice work! That looks beautiful, Danielle! Great color, too!

  8. Danielle,
    I keep going back to this post to look at your beautiful studio. It's so inspiring. You have such a good eye for making things look beautiful.
    :) Teresa