Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Studio Bits: Wrapping Paper Book Covers

Isa is home! She's a little worse for the wear (as is our bank account) but she is home and on-the-mend, barking at the neighbors no less : ) Phew! Onto business...
Jason and I went to the same middle school and high school one year apart. This means we have a bizarre assortment of yearbooks from those schools, some duplicates and some not. 
Since many of the items that came out of the original closet had to be put back in for storage purposes I knew I had to figure something out for the unattractive assortment: 
Since these are school books, after all, I thought it appropriate to make paper book covers (learn how here):
Because it was for my creative space, I wanted those book covers to be both pretty and relatively neutral in color. While shopping at Target for the storage containers I came across two pretty, yet similar, rolls of silver paper. Yeah! Now the yearbooks are back in the space, but in a more uniform and pleasant looking (at least to me) manner :)
PS: For this project, I was very careful to only apply tape to the wrapping paper and not to the books to prevent any sort of future damage from the adhesive! 


  1. Hey, Very cool! I havent covered a book in like 2 THOUSAND years:}.What fun,I gotta try it!

  2. Fantastic idea! I wonder if I could do the same thing with mismatched photo albums for display. I have so many that have been collected over so many years, they'd look terrible on a shelf. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Rebecca!
    That's a great idea about your albums...I know they bug you! Since they are in the living room you are probably trying to avoid sparkly girl paper, no? : ) I wonder if they have very plain, neutral paper that you could glue accent ribbon across the bottom of OR maybe even stick on pretty scrapbook labels with the album year or subject.
    PS: I'll help you! By yearbook 11 I had had about enough!

  4. Great idea about the photo albums. Mine are a mess and I'd hate to have to start all over!!!Thanks!!!!I think I'm going to use plain brown postal wrap paper and then do pretty lables like Danielle said:}.