Thursday, January 14, 2010

Studio Bits: Sentimental Fabric Hoop Display

I have seen on various craft blogs the use of embroidery hoops as fabric displays (so pretty). I especially love when there are all different sizes of hoops hung together, displaying coordinating, special, or favorite selections. 
I really like the idea of incorporating bits of my personal history and treasures into my creative maternal grandmother's porcelain flowers, my mother-in-law's sewing case, etc. I meshed those two thoughts together with a few hoops. One displays a pretty scrap of a nightgown that my paternal grandmother (my Italian Nonna) made for me when I was about eleven. The other (shown below) is a cutting from the pajamas my mom gave me to wear in the hospital after giving birth to Amelia: 
I fitted the fabric into the hoop drum-tight, used pinking shears to trim it down, and then put a little craft glue on the inner hoop to secure the fabric inward (this method was adapted from Melissa Crowe's blog Checkout Girl).  Here's a picture of the finished it was being "staged" for photography by Amelia: 
Coming up soon in The Makings of Every Day? A Jason's Scarf update, some frozen pictures and exotic fruit pictures, a little cooking, AND a status-check on my One Small Change paper towel use. Stay tuned!!

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