Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pretty Fruit & Progress

So if you remember, last week I posted that I was going to share about some fruit I found at the local market. I was on the hunt for those teeny crab apples...they were all out of those (bummer) but they did have "Pink Lady" apples: 
This picture doesn't do justice to how pink this thing was. And how cute is that name? I feel like it should be dating a Red Delicious with a leather jacket on ;)
What else did they have? Something called a "red lime," which bizarrely enough is not red at all. It is, in fact, bright orange: 
I must say that if you eat something that looks just like an orange but tastes like a lime it messes with your head a little.
And my progress on the baby shower gift? It's nearly done. Here's another sneak peek: 
Be well, friends!


  1. I love pink lady's... tasty! and that lime looks yummy... my son absolutely loves lemons and limes... weird, but endearing (he's 3) i bet he would get a kick out of it. And the baby gift looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks Brooke! My little one is not into limes, but if the mood strikes...pickles. I'm the limey one around here ; )